Serving the Children of the World

Name Chairs Description
Hamlin, Greg
Duties outside committees. A place where members time can be recorded outside of the actual comittee events and meetings.
Aktion Club
Harjula, Jackie
An Aktion Club is a community-service group composed of adult citizens who live with disabilities. A Kiwanis club, composed of leading business and professional people of the community, serves as the Aktion club's sponsor Aktion Club provides adults with disabilities the opportunity: . To develop initiative and leadership . To provide experience in living and working together . To serve the community . To prepare for useful citizenship
Batty, Bill
Benefactions committee generally handles small donation requests for individuals or groups.
Board of Directors
Scholz, Josh
Governing Body of the Rockland Kiwanis Club
Budget & Finance
Shepard, Amy
This Committee is responsible for preparing a budget off estimated income and expenses for submission to the board of directors, as well as recommendations it may have on financial matters of the club. It is also responsible for securing the funds necessary to meet budget requirements.
Christmas Trees
Spear, Everett (III)
Saucier, Dan
This Committee is responsible for planning & coordinating our club's annual Christmas tree sale.
Club Speakers
Heavey, Jim
Responsible for obtaining and scheduling club speakers
Community Outreach
Hamlin, Greg
This committee devises ways to lend help to the community at large. Though our major focus is serving children, we remain mindful of the wider needs in the community. We will lend a helping hand, and or, financial support when and where we can. (For example: Rockland District Nursing; Knox County Health Clinic; Area Interfaith Outreach.)
Food Wagon
Temple, Broo
Care, Maintenance and Scheduling of the Club Food Wagon
Installation & Events
Curtis, Mark
This committee is responsible for planning and coordinating the annual installation dinner and other special events the club chooses to hold. Also, the committee is responsible for dealing with issues related to the meals and venue of the weekly meeting.
Page, Gordon
Schedules and coordinates visits with other Kiwanis clubs, typically with in our division. Note: Minimum of four (4) members qualifies for an interclub. This committee should strive to receive the district Early Bird Award.
Meals on Wheels
Lombardi, Doc
Kiwanis does it part by participating in Tuesday delivery of Meals on Wheels.
Membership & Education
Lombardi, Doc
This committee should strive to increase membership according to the standards provided by the by-laws. The committee should consider all proposals for membership and submit its recommendation to the board of directors. The committee should promote recruitment and stress retention within the club. The committee should develop an effective orientation and induction ceremony for new member and promote regular attendance by all member at club meetings.
Curtis, Mark
Develops a slate of nominees for officer positions and director positions to be voted on by the general membership.
OHTM Parking Major Administrative Fund raiser to help offset club administrative expenses. Volunteers help direct traffic for the Museum's larger events.
Past Presidents Committee
Temple, Broo
Past Presidents Committee
Play Grounds
Whitten, Marcia
Promote clean and safe play grounds
Priority One
Shepard, Amy
The Priority One Committee primarily focuses on children 5 and under and on families and prenatal care. The Priority One committee puts on an annual Children's Fair with the collaboration of the Coastal Children's Museum, and also helped start the Fishing Derby in 2012. This committee is a very active group and is always looking for new members to put on community events for families and children.
Public Relations
Page, Janet
This dynamic group is responsible for helping to ensure that the public receives, through the media and other means, the Objects, goals, programs, and achievements of our club and clubs we support. The committee is also responsible for the weekly bulletin.
Reading is Fundamental (RIF)
Saucier, Dan
Major Kids Project distributing books to kids.
Taylor, Lynn
Committee to review and recommend Scholarships
Special Olympics
Kinney, Margie
The Rockland Kiwanis serves a benefit dinner and silent auction to the public yearly for the Special Olympics. This event is to raise money to send the Special Olympians to the summer and winter games.
Spiritual Aims
Batty, Bill
committee should suggest ways the club can encourage the human and spiritual rather than the material values of life. These projects also may promote non-denominational spiritual activity in the club and community.
Sponsored Youth and Youth Matters
Shepard, Amy
Sponsor kids projects and handles the Key, Builders, and K-Kids Clubs.
Ways and Means - General
Shepard, Amy
Overall Fund Raising Events
Ways and Means - Grand Raffle
Temple, Broo
Major fund Raiser committee to sponsor and market our clubs annual raffle