Serving the Children of the World

Come join us any Monday at noon. The Kiwanis Club meetings are held every Monday at noon at the 1 Park Drive (Lighthouse Museum), ME. 04841.  Telephone 594-2511.  We'd love to see you. 
Come share in the fun and laughter. 

Our club officers are: President Broo Temple ; President Elect Josh Schultz; Vice President Bob Brown; Secretary Bill Batty; Assitant Secretary Greg Hamlin; Treasurer Amy Shepard; Immediate Past President Bill Batty.

Our club directors are: Marcia Whitten, Dan Saucier, Doc Lombardi, Gery Zwick, and Mark Curtis

Date Type Title
02/26/2018 Meeting
02/27/2018 Event

Deliver Meals on Wheels

03/05/2018 Meeting

Regular meeting- Carlos Mello from Fame will present

03/06/2018 Event

Deliver Meals on Wheels

03/12/2018 Meeting

Regular Meeting

Randy Bouchard & Wes Holfeld will discuss the issue of substance abusr in our community.